Specialty Vinyl Garage Doors

Engineered for easy maintenance and coastal living, Wayne Dalton's Specialty Vinyl garage doors won't fade, rust, dent, or crack. A wood grain texture and deep panel designs provide a classic look that will stand the test of time.

Vinyl garage doors are the ideal choice for people who want style and function but don’t have the time and budget for extra maintenance work. These doors are renowned for their industrial strength construction and low maintenance material. In addition to being weatherproof, these doors combine timeless designs with modern convenience.

Why choose vinyl

Aside from being fade-, rust-, and dent-resistant, Wayne Dalton’s Specialty Vinyl garage doors offer other equally-impressive features you can enjoy for years to come.

  • Offers a professional yet low maintenance finish
  • High R-value helps to ensure a thermally efficient garage
  • Creates a classic yet sleek appeal to your garage
  • Impressive resistance to extreme weather conditions, ideal for coastal regions

Less Work, More Elegance

All these features allow you to have a functional and beautiful garage door while cutting down on maintenance and repair and the costs associated with both. Get style, quality, and cost-efficiency with a vinyl garage door so your home’s exterior remains pristine. There is no need to worry if the vinyl is the right look for your house. The Garage Door Design Center gives you the ability to view our doors on an uploaded image of your home.



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