Buying Guide

When it’s time for a home or business upgrade that has the highest return on investment, it’s always a good idea to start with your garage or commercial door. While the task can seem daunting to completely replace the largest entrance on your home or building, with these easy steps, you can be on your way to finding the best product for you.

1. Determine your budget

Budget is usually the biggest determining factor for a residential garage door. Fortunately, with Wayne Dalton’s extensive line of residential garage doors, we have an attractive door for every budget.

2. Choose a material

Combining function with style can make all the difference. In addition to improving curb appeal, you should also choose a material with the right insulation, durability, and maintenance for you.


Get the benefit of low-maintenance with long-lasting operation when you purchase a steel door. To find the best one, look for steel doors with insulation between two layers of galvanized steel and ones that offer style and price options for you to choose from. Be aware that steel is easy to dent.

Aluminum and Glass

As a lighter weight option to steel, aluminum is also low-maintenance and often used to frame glass and acrylic panels. Aluminum and glass doors have several finishes that work for most contemporary or modern exteriors.


Fiberglass can be made to look like nearly any material and is less subject to dents or cracks. If you want the natural beauty of a wood door without the maintenance, fiberglass garage doors are available with a realistic-looking wood finish. It's also durable and affordable.


Vinyl is highly durable and one of the most affordable options and are a great choice for those in coastal regions. Be aware that vinyl doors typically can't be re-painted but can be purchased in several different colors to suit your style.


As one of the most popular garage door materials, wood can add a striking feature to the front of your home. Choose from solid wood or a steel-backed door with a wood façade. This type of material requires the most maintenance and is often more expensive than other materials.

3. Determine an insulation level

You can find out a door's insulation level by looking at its R-value: a measurement of the effectiveness of the insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation is.

The most commonly used insulation materials are polystyrene (rigid panels of insulation) and polyurethane (spray foam). Polyurethane is preferred by buyers because it has twice the thermal performance of polystyrene and increases the structural integrity of your door.

4. Select a style

Whether you want to complement your home or add character, make sure your new door's style stands out. With all of our color, window and decorative hardware options, the varieties of garage doors are limitless.




From smart technology to traditional wall-mounted fixtures, getting in and out of your garage is more convenient than ever with Genie garage door openers and accessories.

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